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At the roots of family tradition, carried by the desire to use decades of experience and modern technology, the distillery KOSA TRADE, Novi Sad, was created.

In a modern distillery, using the finest technologies, the sampling of exclusively healthy and ripe fruits, primary processing in extremely controlled conditions, controlled fermination of the fruit hook, distillation on the distillation column of premium quality and aging in new well-known domestic oak barns, are alive and developing us proud fruit brandy SAVKA.

Savka, Viljamovka brandy, 40.0% vol

Sophisticated product, exceptional fragrance and pleasant, long lasting taste. The dominant product was produced as a result of the tapping harvest of fruit fruit, processed under strictly controlled conditions with controlled fermentation at low temperatures.

Savka, plum brandy, 40,0% vol

Brandy from the plum stormed, languishing in new domestic oak barns. The unity of the plum potency potential, which is found in domestic oak barrels, makes the product unique, harmonious with great potential for additional aging. Series of limited production.

Savka, grape brandy, 45,0% vol

The bathing of the well-known Lasta and Muskat hamburgh, dominated by a distinctly floral fragrance, a fullness of taste and fine-acidified acids that give the product freshness and durability.

Savka, apricot brandy 40,0% vol

Gentle, fragrant, intoxicating, apricot brandy reflects the symbol of this region. Luxurious fragrance, expressiveness and durability make our gatherings unforgettable.

Savka, quince brandy, 40,0% vol

The intense fragrance of the quince with a finely fused oak finish as a result of aging in specially prepared domestic oak barns. Powerful, full, long lasting flavor, reflects the strength, quality and durability of this product.


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